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Sidney Cushion | Green Check | Large

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The Sidney Cushion is here!

Made in London, by North East born Lucy Clark of Goods of May, the Sidney cushion shares a name with esteemed gents such as the fella behind the checkered racing flag, and maker Lucy's Grandpa, the Sidney Cushion is knitted in Fair Isle in 100% lambswool.


Comes in 2 different sizes

Checkerboard Knit

Knitted in Fair Isle technique, allowing for 2 (or more) colours in the same row, carrying the yarn behind the work. When the panel is washed and steamed, the ‘floating yarns’ carried behind actually mean the panel is twice as thick and, therefore, more durable.

Contrast back

Comes with inner pad which is sewn in

Looks great as a set - can be mix and matched with other colours

Made to last

Made in London


Large size 50 x 50 cm


100% lambswool, pre washed.


Handwash at 20 degrees