Joni Glitter Furoshiki Bag

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Say hello to Joni!

Green glitter-ific fabric, black lining, magnetic closure. 

Please be aware some of the glitter will fall during use (like fairy dust), this will lessen with use.

I'm made using only remnant, deadstock and vintage fabrics to be as green as possible. This means colours are super limited or one of a kind.

Did you know, furoshiki are a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used to transport clothes, gifts and other goods. My shape is inspired by this, I'm made with 4 knots and my signature scrunchie strap that makes me bounce as you walk!

Only my knots keep me together, pull on them occasionally to keep them tight. Don't overload me! Use for cute days and nights out. Hand wash me with a light detergent, I'm delicate.


Hand wash in cool water if necessary. Pull on the knots occasionally to keep them tight.  Do not overload.