Appointment Bookings

From Friday 19th June, we welcome you to spend some time in our store.

We are taking extra precautions to ensure social distancing and cleanliness are met. 

The store will operate a one in, one out policy and encourage you to make an appointment before coming to see us to ensure you can enter at a specific time.

To make an appointment email and we will update the below chart with the word BOOKED when a time slot has been taken.

If you would prefer an hours appointment to visit both The Norah Store and Still Life Story, just let us know and we can arrange that.

If you're just passing by and fancy an impromptu visit thats cool too, just ask at the door before coming in. 

How are we making our shop as safe as possible?

Further to the one in one out policy we will have the following measures in place:

  • Hand sanitiser at several spots throughout the store
  • Access to our sink, soap, hot water & paper towels
  • Staff will wear masks
  • Windows & doors will be left open allowing fresh air to circulate
  • Contactless payments only
  • Surfaces will be cleaned after each customer
  • We kindly ask customers to refrain from touching items unless they really need to, and if they do let us know so we can offer disposable gloves or clean the product afterwards
  • Staff will not be in the shop if they have even the slightness sign of symptoms.

There are a few changes to be made about how you will shop for clothes following the Gov guidelines. 

The guidelines do not allow changing rooms to be used or clothes to be tried on in store.  All clothing will be sized accurately as possible before reopening.  We ask that, if you are shopping for vintage specifically, that you know your measurements so that it reduces need for trying on.

Being a small independent, new business, we do not usually allow refunds, however in the circumstances, we will be allowing 14 day returns to the store. 

Items will only be accepted for refund if they are in perfect resalable condition, this is at the shop's discretion.

Items that are returned will be left for 72 hours, and will be steam cleaned before returning to the shop floor, ensuring that all items are sanitary and safe.

We want you to enjoy your visit without worry and will adhere to the above measures without fail.

We can't wait to welcome you back to our store.